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Making Oneself at Home

Posted on Fri Oct 16th, 2020 @ 10:28am by Zaggor Pell & Zirvell Khen

Mission: Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Location: Guest Quarters
Timeline: 10th November, 2375 - 2030 Hours

As soon as the doors to his quarters slid close, Pell smiled and closed his eyes. He felt like he had during the height of the war. However, he was now on an enemy starship at their mercy.

"Computer, play some human jazz music." He asked with a smirk. As a saxophone began to play in the background. Zaggor headed to the fresher, he was pleased to see it was fully equipped. He began running a hot bath, something he hadn't had since before the Jem'Hadar leveled his home.

As the bath began to fill with hot water, Zaggor moved out of the fresher and back into the living space. He sat down and pulled his dirty boots off and let his bare feet enjoy the fresh feel of the carpet below them.

“Computer, Halant Stew and a bottle of Kanar.” He requested. A few moments later both appeared in the replicator. He began to strip off as he moved towards the replicator. The quarters began to fill with steam from the bath which increased the temperature of the quarters. The hot steamy air made him feel like he was back on Cardassia prime.

He arrived at the replicator naked and picked up the tray with his meal and drink. Zaggor picked it up before he headed into the fresher. He was looking forward to a good bath and meal.

So much space! Zirvell felt lost in such a big and clean room, and utterly afraid of making anything dirty if he so much as touched something. He kicked off his dirty and worn shoes and walked barefoot around the room, marveling at the soft feel under his feet.

"Ohhh," he exclaimed as he saw the big bed once he ventured into the bedroom, not even daring to touch the clean sheets. The bathroom nearly made him burst into tears, there was so much luxury and once again he wondered what exactly he'd done to earn this treatment. "Oh water!" he called out as soon as he turned on the shower. He resisted the urge to jump in, clothes and all. Surely he could use the time to wash his clothes?

But.. why wash when there was this device that could afford him with clean, and comfortable clothes instead? He ripped his already tattered clothes apart and relished in the warm water that washed the dirt and grime away from his battered body. He hissed as soap stung in barely healed wounds, gritting his teeth as he scrubbed dirt from his scalp.

Finally clean, and dressed in soft earth tone linnen clothes, he fell down on the bed, and instantly fell asleep.


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