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Spare Parts

Posted on Mon Oct 12th, 2020 @ 8:05pm by Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy & Lieutenant Bryce Erickson

Mission: Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Location: Engineering

Not really ever having had a need to visit engineering, Naois now felt he should in his new role as first officer. It was a place that to him, was as alien as he was to a Human, a vast contrast to the counseling offices, or the sickbays he was used to. "Lieutenant Erickson?" he called out, his voice carrying across the place.

Erickson left his office when he heard someone call his name. He walked over and saw the ship's new exec. "Commander. Can I help you with something?"

Naois nodded. "Can we go into your office please? It concerns a somewhat private matter."

"Of course, commander. Let's use my office. Follow me, please." He led him to the his office, let him enter first, then locked the door after he entered his office. He moved behind his desk, offered a chair for the commander, then sat in his chair. "What can I do for you, sir?"

Naois sat, folding his hands in his lap after tugging down his tunic. "How is your expertise with bioengineering, and bionic replacements?" he asked.

"I completed some post graduate studies in those fields. What are we talking about, commander." Erickson's pet ferret, Archer, jumped on Erickson's shoulder.

Momentarily distracted by the pet, Naois didn't immediately answer the question. "I have an artificial limb," he finally said, "my right hand is a bionic replacement." He paused, eyes still on the pet. "It needs occasional maintenance."

Erickson laid Archer back in his bed, and stood up, and grabbed a scanner. "Commander, if you would?" He motioned for the commander to place his hand, not meaning to remove it from his arm, on the desk so he could scan it.

Naois laid his hand, palm up, on the desk. "The hand and wrist joint are bionic," he explained, "I experience discomfort if there is a misalignment in the connection to my own nervous system. I still experience phantom pain on occasion. I have, fortunately, not experienced a malfunction so far."

Erickson kept scanning and examing the beauty of the replacement hand. "The workmanship is marvelous, as are the components." He sat back down behind his desk, and Archer returned to his shoulder. "You should also contact the chief medical officer. In case you need maintenance, it might be good if I worked in conjunction with the CMO. I'll review these scans and have the ship's computer give me everything on bioengineering and bionic replacements, but I think I should be able to handle it without any difficulties, commander."

"I have already spoken with Doctor Marion." Naois pulled his hand back. "But having the chief engineer involved seemed like a good idea to me, just in case there is an emergency. I have had malfunctions before....when I first had it. It was most....excruciating."

"I could only imagine. If the signal is off, the feedback would hurt." His ferret, walked across the desk and sniffed the commander.

The Vulcan froze, not sure what the creature would do. His hands resting on the desk in front of him, eyes fixed on the creature. "Is it dangerous?" he asked, still not moving.

"No, she isn't. She's just curious about you. You're putting out two for you hand and one for the rest of you. She's just curious." Erickson gave a low whistle, and Archer returned back to him. "She's very well trained, and she only bites someone if she feels I am threatened."

"Then we should make certain you are not threatened," Naois answered, reaching out with his left hand towards the creature. "How does my one hand have a different scent, when it is part of me?"

"They probably used synthetic skin, instead of using your real skin...could have grafted it on." He watched as Archer sniffed the left hand, then allowed the commander to pat her head.

"Remarkably soft," Naois mused as he raked his fingers through the creature's fur. "Is it something I could consider for my children? or would you say this creature is unsuitable for a child."

"Having a ferret as a pet is very difficult, so I would say that unless your children are reasonsible and willing to work at it, I would say they are unsuitable for a child. There's a lot of work involved...feeding...keeping the cage they need constant stimulation of they get bored. I rotate some of the modules in her cage, in my quarters, to allow her to keep happy." He responded.

"No ferret then," the Vulcan hybrid mused, still idly stroking Archer's fur, "they are still very young." Pulling his hand back, the XO stood. "I have taken up enough of your time," he added, "thank you for your assistance."

Erickson stood. "Anytime I can be of help, let me know, commander." Archer returned to Bryce.


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