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When Old Enemies Meet

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 6:06pm by Captain Lukas Fredricks & Zaggor Pell & Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy & Lieutenant Luci Dian & Zirvell Khen

Mission: Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Location: Transporter Room 2
Timeline: 10th November, 2375 - 2000 Hours

Zaggor Pell had managed to find some cleaner clothes than he had been previously wearing. He hoped that the smell of his unwashed body wouldn’t put the Fleeters off to much but they had to understand the conditions his people were currently living in. Clean running water was a luxury they didn’t have at the moment.

“It’s almost time, are you ready?” Pell asked the young man as he straightened out his clothes.

Zirvell didn't have any spare clothes, and obviously hadn't had time to find somewhere to clean them up a bit. He examined his torn and bloodied shirt. "No," the teenager answered, "not really. They don't want us up there, they'll just give us hateful looks and remarks. Why am I coming, they're just expecting you aren't they?"

“No, you need to experience Starfleet for yourself. Just think, you’ll soon be in a nice hot bath with food in that belly and clean clothes. This is the future we want for our colony.” Pell said glancing up and down at the boy. “Could find anything a little bit better to wear?”

"You think they'll let us bathe and have clean clothes?" There was nothing he wanted more than feel clean again right now. He looked hopeful. "But why me? Why not someone else? And what of all the people here, when we get back? We'll be clean and fed but they won't be."

“Of course! It’s Starfleet, they have luxury ships, everything you can think of is on board.” Pell replied. “I want you to represent the people of Lamenda. You’re the real story of what’s happened here. Only thing I ask, you keep the prison quiet. They don’t need to know about that.”

"I don't even know who's in there," Zirvell muttered, "the guards wouldn't tell me or even show me." He shrugged. "I don't care about them...they're criminals anyway. I'm more concerned with those that can't even feed themselves, or take care of themselves. If we help them, we have a future."

“Just don’t mention it, ok?” Pell replied looking at Zirvell.

"Okay..." Zirvell really saw no need to anyway, what did he care about a bunch of criminals? "Uhm... I've never used a transporter does that feel?"

“You're about to find out.” Zaggor replied with a chuckle.

Captain Fredricks entered the transporter room and nodded to the chief as he noted he was the first to arrive. He waited for Commander Mercy and Lieutenant Dian to arrive.

Naois wasn't far behind the captain. "Captain, chief," he greeted as he stepped up beside the commanding officer. "I hear we are expecting two guests?"

“Yes, seems our guest has invited his own guest.” Fredricks commented with a roll of his eyes.

Luci was not far behind the others and entered the transporter room with her usual grace. She managed to catch the end of what Fredricks had said. "More people are coming on board?" she asked moving up with them.

"Two," the Vulcan answered, "apparently, we are expecting two." He nodded towards the chief. "Energise."

Several moments later two figures materialised on the transporter PADD. Both Cardassian males, however one was clearly a lot older than the other. Fredricks stepped forward. “Welcome aboard the Britannic. I’m Captain Lukas Fredricks, these are my officers. Lieutenant Commander Mercy, my first officer and Lieutenant Dian, our ships diplomatic officer and Counselor.” Lukas said by way of introduction.

“It’s a pleasure to be aboard your fine vessel, Captain.” Pell said as he began to step down from the pad. “I’m Zaggor Pell and this is my aide Zirvell Khen.”

Zirvell cast the three officers a guarded look before stepping down behind Pell. His gaze wandered around, his expression soon one of awe at all the technology present, and the cleanliness they all represented. Still, he said nothing, not sure if he was supposed to speak at all.

Naois on his part inclined his head in a slight nod. "Welcome aboard Mister Pell, young master Khen."

“Pleasure to meet you, Commander.” Pell said with a smile. “Looks like you’ve got yourself quite a ship.” He commented as he glanced around the transporter room.

Fredricks smiled, “Thank you, Mr Pell. She’s seen a fair bit over the years but now she’s here to bring Lemanda the vital materials needed to help rebuild the colony.”

“And we thank you for all your effort.” Pell replied before looking at the Lieutenant Dian. “So, a man of diplomacy? I’ve done some diplomatic work in my career before moving into politics.”

Luci blinked as if confused by the remark. Her cheeks went a little red, embarrassment settling in as she thought whether to correct the man in front of her. "A most challenging role sir. I can see how would move onto another role of such importance." she gave a little bow as some of her hair fell forwards across her face before she fixed it back behind her ears.

Pell shock his head in disbelief, "Please accept my apologies, I didn't mean to refer to you as a man. Low blood sugar affects the mind." He said giving a small smile. "It is an important role, more so than I had ever intended."

"It's quite alright." Luci replied with an understanding smile. "Low blood sugar can have many effects sir but I take no offence... I've not put much make up on today." she joked slightly to ease the tension that had formed, only a little. "I am impressed with how you have taken it in your stride. There are many who would not want to take on a challenge of this magnitude. Shows good character and strength on your part."

"It's been very difficult for my people, living it such conditions has been awful, but now that you're here we can hopefully start to rebuild this once beautiful planet." Pell replied.

"We will do everything we can, Mr Pell, to lay the foundations for you to rebuild your home." Captain Fredricks said. "You both look like you could do with a good freshen up, a decent meal and a good night's sleep. My first officer will show you both to guest quarters. I've arranged for you both to have a medical examination tomorrow morning with the ships Doctor. I've also sent out mission briefing to your quarters, Mr Pell for you to take a look at and advise us accordingly."

"Of course, Captain. I'll only be to happy to help." He said glancing at Zirvell.

"What about me?" the boy asked, feeling a little anxious about being examined. "Do I get the briefing too? What am I to do?" He was only sixteen standard years old, almost seventeen, what could he do? Sure he had told Zaggor he was seventeen, but he wasnt just yet. What if they discovered his little lie? What if they saw nothing but a lost child?

Lukas smiled, "Of course, young man. Your input will be greatly needed if we are to help your colony rebuild."

"It's my home," the boy said, "but I don't know how to help. My dad wanted me to fight but I don't want to. I want to help."

"And help you shall." Zaggor said with a chuckle as he placed a reassuring hand on the boys shoulder.

"I'm sure there will be plenty for you to do to assist us." Lukas added with a smile before turning to Commander Mercy. "If you'd like to escort them to their quarters, number one."

"Of course." Naois gestured the two Cardassians along. "If you would follow me please gentlemen?"

"Thank you, Captain. I look forward to seeing what this ship has to offer. Lead on, Commander." He said with a bright smile.


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