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As Ordered

Posted on Fri Oct 9th, 2020 @ 11:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy & Lieutenant Commander Agatha Marion

Mission: Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 10-11-75, 1800 hours

"Good evening doctor..." Naois walked up to the office, casually knocking on the doorframe. "I hope I am not interrupting anything? I can come back later, if you are busy, or not on duty."

Agatha looked up. "I'm never too busy for conversation. What can I do for you Commander?" Aggie had only met him briefly when he'd arrived and virtually knew nothing about him as she hadn't even seen his service record yet. "Here for your physical?"

"As ordered," he smiled as he approached. "Please just call me Naois, I am not one to stand on the formality of rank when it is not necessary. We are doctors amongst each other, first name will do when we are on your turf." He smiled at her. "A briefing I do prefer formality, but otherwise...not really."

"Wow, I didn't even have to tie you up and throw you over my shoulder. Aggie, though some people prefer Agatha. It doesn't matter to me. Have a seat on an empty biobed. As they're all empty right now you can take your pick."

"Tie me?" The Vulcan chuckled at that. "Oh no, I know when I should report and when I honestly do not want to." He sat on one of the vacant beds. "I have no recent illness or injury, though you should probably know that my right hand is bionic."

"Interesting, from the result of injury or illness? Does it work well for you, is there any pain?" Aggie took out her recorder while she waited for an answer.

"Injury," Naois answered without hesitation, "I experience occasional phantom pain from when my hand was crushed but otherwise it works well for me. If I experience a malfunction I usually page engineering to have one of the bioengineers adjust it."

"Hmm, I haven't gotten to see many bionic limbs in person but I do confess to reading up on the subject when I get the chance and now that I have an actual patient with one you can be sure I'll use that as an excuse to learn even more." She looked down at the results of her scan. "Well you do appear to be healthy, I'm sure that's not a surprise to you."

"I do try to stay out of trouble," Naois chuckled as he offered up his right hand. "Feel free to examine it," he offered, "I can even detach it if necessary." He didn't want to make an issue of it even if he did prefer not to do it. It was as much part of him now, as his real hand used to be.

Aggie looked up at him, meeting his gaze as if making sure it was really okay to take a look. Then she touched the hand, turning it slightly this way and that but she had not intention of making him take it off, it was a part of his body now and not for scrutinizing, she was merely curious. "Very interesting," she finally said. Thanks for letting me look."

He waited patiently as she examined his hand, then quietly pulled it back when she let go. "Part of the process," he answered slowly, "it will show up on scans as artificial, so I felt you should be aware before any need for further scans would come up."

She nodded. "That it would have." Aggie busied herself with the screen behind her for a moment. "Well I see nothing of consequence. Is there anything else you wanted to report? Otherwise you're in good health and have passed your physical with flying colors."

"No there is nothing else to report. Do you wish to examine my children? I can send them in later today, if you wish."

"Generally families come to me when they need to. But I'd be happy to check them over for you just in case. How old are they?"

"Revan and Delon are almost ten, Laura is seven," Naois answered, "the boys are a few months apart in age." He paused, giving her an apologetic smile. "You should probably know that Revan is Betazoid, Delon Romulan and Laura Human," he added.

"Nothing a scan wouldn't have told me," she chuckled. "Sure, bring them by and I'll give them a quick checkup. I might even have a treat waiting for them."

"Laura certainly would love that, she is all into sweets. Is that a Human thing? Though Revan is all into chocolate, Delon has no love for sweets at all." He paused. "I will send them to you soon, give them time to settle in first."

"Who said anything about sweets," Aggie smiled and nodded then turned her attention back to what she'd been doing before he came in.

Smiling back, Naois gave her a nod before leaving sickbay.


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