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Mission Assignment Briefing

Posted on Tue Sep 29th, 2020 @ 6:53pm by Captain Lukas Fredricks & Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson & Lieutenant JG Lars Gunnarson & Zaggor Pell & Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy & Lieutenant Commander Agatha Marion & Lieutenant Chexor Vonn & Lieutenant Bryce Erickson & Lieutenant Luci Dian & Lieutenant Amelix Milumad & Ensign Wintrow Paragon

Mission: Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: 10th November, 2375 - 1620 Hours

Fredricks walked into the conference room with a cup of coffee in one hand and a PADD in the other. He was reading over the final crew assignments for the mission at Lemanda. Introducing three new crew members into the mix as soon as they’d arrived wasn’t ideal either but something the Captain had gotten used to during the war.

He took his seat at the head of the table and waited for the rest of the senior officers to arrive.

Aggie smiled when she saw it was only Lukas and sat down on the long side of the table closest to him. "Hello. You look tired, have you been sleeping well?"

“No, I haven’t. I doubt I will until this mission is over.” Lukas commented.

Taking the hint over his rather serious response, Aggie looked toward the door as someone else entered and didn't say another word.

Wintrow yawned as he walked in, then smiled apologetically. "Sorry," he murmured, as he took his seat, "long shift."

The new first officer wasn't far behind the young pilot, smiling ever so slightly at his apology before nodding towards the doctor and the captain in acknowledgement. "Sir, ma'am.."

After seeing to it that his ferret, Archer, was safely in her new home, a series of clear tubes on the walls of his quarters, Lieutenant Erikson entered the conference room and moved to an empty chair, and sat. He nodded to the others assembled.

A brown blur entered the conference room and immediately took a seat. "I'm not late am I? I'd hate to be late! I was just running an experiment! I can't believe that I cut it so close! But the most fascinating things that I learned...." She beamed and bounced up and down in her chair.

Bryce hadn't even had an opportunity to visit main engineering. He was hoping to take care of that after this briefing. Chances are that he was going to have to probably overhaul the engineering staff....move people to different shifts, and maybe even have people transferred. He sat in his chair, looking over his PADD that held the files of the engineering staff.

Lieutenant Chexor Vonn joined the senior staff shortly thereafter. Like the other new arrivals, he'd used his very limited time to freshen up in his quarters and get settled in. The Bolian took a seat in one of the empty chairs and he had a good look at the people he'd be working closely with in the coming days. It was going to be nice to do something again. Chex only hoped that he would be too out of practice.

Lieutenant Gunnarson walked into the conference room and gave everyone a slight nod before heading to a vacant seat and taking it.

"Sorry I am late." Luci said holding her hands up as she entered the room. "I had an appointment that ran a little late." she sat down with a small bump.

Now that everyone had arrived the Captain could begin. “Thank you for all coming promptly. Firstly, I’d like to introduce the new members of the senior staff, Lieutenant Commander Mercy, our new first officer. Lieutenant Chexor Vonn, our new Chief of Operations and our new chief engineer, Lieutenant Bryce Erickson.” He said introducing them to the rest of the senior staff.

Erickson waved when his name was mentioned.

Like the Chief Engineer, Chex smiled and gave a gentle wave when he was introduced to everyone.

Naois gave a slight inclination of his head to acknowledge the introduction.

“Ok, moving on. I appreciate this isn't the best way to start a mission but we’ll have to make do.” Fredricks explained. “Now, as for our mission, we have two roles here at Lamenda. Firstly, we need to become the planet’s hospital facility as they have zero medical facilities down on the planet. Famine and disease was probably rife down there so helping the population overcome this is our top priority. Doctor Marion and Lieutenant Dian will be overseeing that.

“Our next objective is to set up field hospitals and train locals to give first aid and essential treatments.” Lukas continued as he tapped away at the controls in front of him which brought up a map of the planets surface. “The plan is to set up the field hospitals at these three locations. I also want to set up food replicator stations in multiple locations so these people can start getting the much needed food and water. Lieutenants Vonn and Erickson will be overseeing this part of the mission.

“Lieutenant Gunnarson will be having security teams with you all for your protection. I’m sure there’s probably more than a few people down there that think their plight is the Federation’s fault. I must stress, you are not to make your own personal feelings about the Cardassians known. I understand that most, if not all, have lost a friend, colleague or loved one during the war. However, I must stress, we are at peace.”

“Lieutenant Milumad, I want you start looking at places where they can set up potential farms, get these people living off the land. I understand that soil is probably contaminated from the Jem’Hadar weapons but look for ways to overcome this.”

Erickson started making notes about what the engineering department will need on this operation.....power supplies to power the new hospitals and the new food replicators. He raised his hand. "Captain. Who'll be in charge of constructing the new hospitals?"

“The Jenkins will begin work on construction of hospitals, schools and accommodation.” Lukas replied to the Engineer.

“Have the Cardassians advised us on the best locations to install the replicators? If not, is there anyone specific on the planet that we should make contact with to have those discussion?” The Bolian then asked.

“The Cardassians have not. They’ve not been very vocal with helping other planets which have been destroyed by the Jem’Hadar.” The Captain replied. “As for a representative from the planet, I’m lead to believe there is someone down there trying to sort out the mess but I have no idea who it is. Once we get in contact with them, we’ll work with them to get the replicators installed as quickly as we can.”

"Oh! Oh!" Amelix started talking in her normal rapid fashion. "I have the bestest idea! I could genetically engineer some bacteria to actually eat of the contaminated parts of the soil and have its waste be healthy plant materials! I bet that I could do that! I really do! Do we know anything about the soil yet? Do I have to do those experiments first?! Oh my goodness! This sounds like a great project! Do we have any readouts yet?" She rapidly started searching through her PADD.

“Excellent suggestions, Lieutenant. We haven’t been asked to help in this area but I feel that any and all help given to these people will be appreciated. Once we’re in orbit I’ll give the Science department full access to the sensor array so you can conduct all the necessary scanning and investigations that you need too.” Fredricks said to his science chief.

Amelix's eyes grew large. "Full access?! Oh wow! That's wonderful! I can hardly wait! Oh the things that I will see and discover! How long do we have until we get there?" Her excitement was boundless as she bobbed up and down in her chair.

Naois looked towards the visibly excited female. "I am pleased with your enthusiasm lieutenant," he said pleasantly, his expression mild, "however could you please not hop up and down a chair while we are in a briefing?"

“We’ll be entering orbit in the next 30 minutes or so, Lieutenant. It might be best to keep the excitement to a minimum, there’s thousands of people suffering down there, we don’t want them think bad of us.”

"Oh, no! We wouldn't want that!" Amelix replied honestly, only slightly muting her bouncing about.

"Do you want me to gather some pilots and distribute ration packs by way of dropping?" Wintrow asked seriously. "I'm sure we could use a few shuttles and do exactly that. Then we at least have them fed before the replicators are up and running."

The Captain looked at the Ensign and smiled, “I like your thinking, Ensign. What will you need to get this operational?”

"Ration packs, shuttles and a few pilots," the youth replied after a moment of thought, "and a few people to help throw them from the shuttles. They probably need food and water more than anything else and we got the replicators to produce them."

"I will work to set up mental health facilities on the ground, they are as much an important part of recovery as the physical." Luci interjected. "I am sure those on the planet are in a state of disarray. Their mental state will be greatly affected by what's happened. A good mental recovery can lead to healing of the body. Improved mood equals good relations."

"If you need help, I will be able to assist if necessary," Naois offered the chief counselor, "my license is still valid, and I intend to keep it such. With your approval of course, you are the chief."

Erickson spoke up. "Depending on the size of the hospital, will deteremine the size of the power source. Unless there are other buildings that will require power, then the power source will have to become bigger, sir."

“We’ll only need power supplies for the field hospitals, Lieutenant. The main hospitals will be the problem of Captain Vuk and his crew.” Fredricks replied.

Erickson nodded. "Thank you, captain."

“Any further questions or queries?” The Captain asked, looking at his officers.

“If each department can give me a list of supplies that they’ll need for their respective assignments, I’ll make certain they get distributed in time. This includes any time allotments that will be required in our fabrication facilities,” Lieutenant Vonn explained.

"I also recommend that all who intend on beaming down to help be checked for their vaccinations," Naois commented, looking directly at the CMO. "New arrivals should probably check in for their physicals first?" He offered a small smile. "We do not want the locals to get sick from anything we might carry, and we also do not want them to cause illness to us."

"Absolutely. If I haven't seen you then report to my office immediately after this briefing. And, I would like to add." Agatha looked toward the Captain, hoping she wasn't stepping on any toes. "That this will be a difficult mission. Saving the day isn't always as glamorous as some people make it out to be. There will be things some have not seen, tempers might be high given our recent dealings with the Cardassians. I'd like everyone to take a deep breath and remember that we're here to help other beings who may or may not have fought in the war but we're going to treat everyone like they're innocent bystanders because often, that's what's left behind in war."

“Very well, if there’s nothing else...” Before Fredrick’s could finish what he was saying he was interrupted by a comm call.

”Captain Fredricks, I’m sorry to interrupt but we’re receiving a hail from the surface. Someone by the name of Zaggor Pell, who claims to be in charge down there.” Came Lieutenant Nilsson’s voice over the comm.

Fredricks glanced around his crew, “You might as well stay and listen to this. Put the call through to here, please, Lieutenant.”

A few moments later another voice could be heard. ”Hello...Hello, can you hear me?”

“Yes, Mr Pell, this is Captain Fredricks aboard the USS Britannic. I’m just with my senior staff going over the particulars of our mission here. Of course, we’d like your input too.” Fredricks said.

”Of course, anything to get this planet back on the right track. Would it be possible to come up and discuss these in person. I’d like to see who our saviours are.” Pell replied.

“I’m sure that could be arrange, how about tomorrow morning...”

”Would I be able to come up this evening? It’s been a while since I’ve seen this glorious planet from space?” Pell said interrupting the Captain.

“One moment please.” Fredricks said before muting the comm. “Thoughts?” He asked looking at his officers.

Amelix practically bounced out of her seat. "Why not bring him up now? The sooner we get information, the sooner we can start working! I can't wait to meet him, myself! Is there a reason that we shouldn't bring him up? I don't see one."

Bryce wasn't listening to anyone at this moment, he was too busy trying to figure out a suitable power source for Cardassian hospitals...whatever he comes up with, he would have to avoid sensitive and secret equipment, which could be stolen by Cardassians, or anything that could be used as a weapon against the Federation by Cardassian terrorists.

"Lieutenant..." Naois warned quietly, before returning his attention to the question asked. "He needs to prepare for meeting us, same as we do for meeting with him. If he is a leader of some kind, he needs to inform those that might replace him of his intended travel. If he suddenly disappears there may be more dissent and we want to avoid that. Equally we must prepare for his visit. He needs to be screened first just in case. We do not know the full situation down there, he could be carrying something that does not show up on scanners, therefor for our safety we must prepare too."

"But they know we're coming and we know they need help!" Amelix started to sound like a child who had been told she could not have just one more sweet. "They have no reason to be harmful to us! And I'm sure that he will tell others where he went!"

"He seems to be in a rush to get here. That would be enough to give me pause for a moment." Luci interjected. "I am all for the safeguarding of people but surely we were given some sort of list of officials?" She half asked. "My suggestion is caution. Cardassians are excellent at manipulation for their own gain. My worry would be that he is not who he says he is, he is running from something, or that welcoming him would ignite something on the surface."

“I’m not a Counselor... like well... the Counelor here,” Chex said as he motioned to Dian with his hand. “However I do agree that he seems rather eager to come aboard. It could be for any number of reasons that we are not privy to. Perhaps the situation down there is more dire than we’ve been led to believe and that he simply wants to get away from whatever it is that’s going on.”

"I would agree with the caution for various reasons. They do need our help, desperately so. We must be careful that they do not take measures to ensure our help," Naois answered quietly, "and we need to make sure he does return to the surface after meeting with us. Perhaps, instead, we can send a small team down?

Aggie quietly listened to the options. She didn't see a reason why they couldn't allow him to come on board but she was also cautious. And she knew that some of the crew were going to have enough trouble with going down to a Cardassian settlement without a Cardassian actually coming onto their ship. She didn't say any of this out loud though, she merely looked at Lukas.

The Captain sat for a few moments and pondered what his officers had said. “I think it maybe safer to have him up here, see what he is about. I’d rather not send a team down without knowing what to expect.” Fredricks said, explaining his decision. He then reactivated the comm. “Sorry for the delay, Mr Pell. We’d like to have you on board, we’ll have arranged to bring you aboard at 2000 Hours, ship time.”

”Thank you, Captain.” Came the simple reply before the comm channel was closed.

“Alright, number one, make sure the guest quarters are ready for him. I’ll greet him at 2000 hours with Commander Mercy and Lieutenant Dian. Expect further information about the lay of the land by morning. If there’s nothing else, you’re dismissed.” Fredricks said looking at his senior officers. He was thinking a lay down and maybe some sleep before greeting their guest might be in order.

It took Bryce a few seconds to realize that the others had already left. He saw that the captain was still there, so he gathered his things, stood up, and muttered, "Sorry sir.", then walked out and headed back to engineering.


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