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Posted on Thu Sep 24th, 2020 @ 6:47pm by Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson & Lieutenant Chexor Vonn
Edited on on Thu Sep 24th, 2020 @ 6:47pm

Mission: Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Location: Deck 9 - Lieutenant Vonn’s Quarters
Timeline: MD3 - 2030 Hours

“Did all of this really happen during the battle simulation?” The Chief Operations Officer, somewhat surprised, wondered as he caught up on reading one of the most recent bridge reports. “A Pakled crew would function better and they barely even say more than two syllables to one another.”

“Y-Yes, sir.” Astrid replied. She was glad that the ship finally had an Ops Chief but she wasn’t quite sure why she had been summoned to his quarters. She has tried her best to keep things in the Ops department going but she wasn’t ready to be in charge of a department yet.

“That’s concerning.” The Bolian bit his lip lightly as he considered the matter. He then put the PADD down on the table beside him. “I don’t want to be that guy, but it may be necessary to remind everyone about the proper operational procedures.” Chex then noticed the junior lieutenant’s uneasiness. “Ah! Where are my manners? Care for something to drink?” He asked her.

“N-No, thank you, sir.” Astrid replied. “T-There’s a rumour I heard that stated the old XO was to blame for the battle sim palaver hence why they were reassigned.” She added, not wanting to be a gossip but just simply fill in her superior.

"That was probably for the best," the Bolian concluded regarding the reassignment. "Still, I think it would be prudent to run another simulation or two... so that we don't get caught with our proverbial pants down. A crew needs to trust one another and based on what happened, I don't believe that they do." Although Nilsson did not want a beverage, Chex got up from the sofa and wandered over to the replicator. As he did, a sloth with Prussian blue coloured fur and dressed in pyjamas, entered from the bedroom.

Astrid frowned at the creature which appeared from another room. “W-What’s that?” She asked with a frown.

"What's what?" Chex responded haphazardly. His drink materialized on the replicator pad and he grabbed it before turning to see what it was that she was talking about. "Oh! That's Gary, my pet seasloth. He's a bit grumpy because... well.. " he approached Astrid and whispered to her. "I may have lied to him about us having a swimming space in our quarters." He then spoke louder so that his pet could understand. "These things take time, Gary! We just came aboard today. Now, go back to bed!" The seasloth reached down with its long, furry arm and grabbed something from behind his legs before throwing it at his master.

"Incoming!" Luckily, the Bolian grabbed hold of Astrid by the shoulders and helped her get out of the way from the flying projectile. "Oh, you've only been holding it in for a week!" he exclaimed before turning to the Human woman. "I'm very sorry about this. He's usually well behaved."

Astrid brushed herself down but was shocked by what the seasloth had done. “I-Is that what I think it is?” He asked looking at the brown substance on the floor.

"Well he's not throwing us flowers," Chex responded before peeking out from behind the table. Gary was gone, for now; presumably back to bed. "The coast is clear," he told Astrid.

“He won’t do that again will he?” Astrid asked looking around the quarters trying to see if he was hiding or planning another attack.

"It's difficult to know for certain," the Bolian stated before standing up. He retrieved a cloth from the washroom to pick up the mess. With that taken care of, it was time to get back to business. "Now then Lieutenant, give me a rundown of our department's readiness," he requested, hoping to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Astrid continued to look around the quarters incase the mad pet tried something else. As she did this she slowly pulled out a PADD from her pocket. “I’ve written a report detailing what Operations has done since our departure and what our readiness is. I-I must apologise if it’s not up to a standard you are used to but I wasn’t expecting to fill in as department chief. I prefer to do the work rather than organise people to do the work.”

“You don’t aspire to one day become a Chief yourself?” Chex asked. For many within Starfleet, being a department head was a stepping stone on the path to commanding a starship one day.

Nilsson shook her head, “If I’m honest, this experience has really put me off. I just want to do my job. Maybe, in the future, my views might change but at the moment, it’s not for me.”

“Don’t let one bad day get you down Lieutenant!” Chex suggested. “Sure, there can be a lot of paperwork to complete on a daily basis but as a department head you do get to sleep in on a Saturday.” He crossed his arms and smiled. “Sleep is good.”

“I’ve been temporary department head for several days and I feel like I need to lay down in a dark room for several months to recover. No, I think I’ll leave the chiefing to you, sir.” Astrid replied giving her superior a small smile.

Given what had happened on the bridge during the simulation and the stresses involved in getting a ship out of spacedock, Chex could fully understand how the Lieutenant was feeling. “In that case,” he started. “I order you to get some rest. I can take over from here.”

“T-Thank you, sir. But if it’s all the same, I just want to do my job. That’s why I’m here.” Astrid replied giving the Lieutenant a small smile.

“Your job can wait until tomorrow morning,” the Bolian countered with. “It wasn’t a suggestion. I’ve got this. Go. Go rest,” Chex said with a shooing motion from his hands.

Astrid smiled at her department head. “Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.” She replied, before turning to leave his quarters. ’Perhaps serving here might be alright after all.’ She thought time herself as she headed towards her own quarters.


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