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Welcoming Replacements

Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2020 @ 5:35am by Captain Lukas Fredricks & Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy & Lieutenant Commander Agatha Marion & Lieutenant Chexor Vonn & Lieutenant Bryce Erickson

Mission: Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Location: Transporter Room 1
Timeline: 10th November, 2375 - 1545 Hours

Captain Fredricks arrived before Doctor Marion. He gave the transporter technician a brief nod of acknowledgement before standing to one side as he waited for the Doctor to arrive.

She glanced up from a PADD as she entered the room. "Am I late?" She looked from Lukas to the other person in the room and back again. She tried not to show anything but a calm professional manner around him but couldn't help notice that her pulse rate rose whenever she saw him. It was damned annoying.

The technician's hands moved smoothly over the controls, and as if by magic three columns started to shimer and eventually coalesced into three officers. A very blonde yet very Vulcan looking male stepped forward. "Captrain Fredriks?" he queried, looking towards the male officer present. Somehow, the female really didn't strike him as a Lukas. "I am Doctor Mercy, your new first officer." The omission of rank showed he did prefer his medical title over his formal rank, though of course if the captain was set on a different protocol, he'd naturally abide by it.

Lieutenant Bryce Erikson stepped off the pad, carrying a medium sized shoulder bag over his left shoulder. He kept his left hand inside the bag, and it sounded like something was alive in there. "Chief Enginer Lieutenant Bryce Erickson reporting for duty." He took a quick glance at the Vulcan and thought ~I Vulcan with blond hair?~

Two long, furry arms were draped over Chex's shoulders as he materialized aboard the Britannic. After a few moments, an oval face with friendly, beady eyes, popped its head up to have a look around. "Our new home Gary," the Bolian commented softly. "Well, at least the transporter room in our new home," he corrected. Following the others, Chex advanced to introduce himself. "Lieutenant Chexor Vonn. This is Gary." He motioned back with his head, indicating to them that the sloth's name was Gary. The Bolian seasloth, meanwhile, lifted its right arm and saluted the other officers, then gave them a wide smile.

Fredricks looked and smiled at each officer as they stepped off the transporter pad. “It’s a pleasure to meet you all. This is Doctor Agatha Marion, Britannic’s Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer.” The Captain said as he gestured his hand towards the Doctor. “It’s a shame that we have to throw you all into the deep end and get you all straight into work but the people of Lamenda are in need of our services. Have you all been briefed on our mission here?”

Agatha gave a smile and a nod but let Fredricks continue without interruption.

“As far as I’m aware, we’re here to provide the Cardassians with medical assistance along with reinforcing some of their social infrastructures on the planet,” the Bolian responded. The thought of aiding the Cardassians with anything, so soon after the war’s conclusion, was a difficult prospect to face. Chex had to remind himself that the general population wasn’t necessarily to blame for the military’s actions.

Naois nodded in agreement. "Unless there is something that was missed in our briefing, or have there been new developments?" he asked as he acknowledged the chief medical officer with a hint of a smile and a slight nod of the head.

Fredricks smiled, “No, that about sums it up. I just wanted to make sure you had read the mission outline before we move to a briefing. I want to finalise assignments before we make contact. Captain Vuk wanted to get to work and so do I. The people down on the planet need our help and that’s what they’ll get.”

Bryce just wanted to get to his engine room. "I found it strange that the Federation would be so willing to help an enemy. If the tables were turned, there would be Cardassian soldiers on Earth, and using the population for slave labor as they strip Earth of it's resources, sir." He looked at the captain.

"And that is why we are the Federation," Naois commented quietly, "by showing that we do mean what we preach and that we will help those that are in need, and not demand anything in return. That they are Cardassians should not matter, they are starving and thus need our help. Perhaps if the tables were turned it would be different, but I firmly believe that an act of kindness has far more effect than an act of war."

Lukas smiled at his new first officer. “That’s exactly right. They may have been our enemy but is every Cardassian in the Galaxy our enemy? Of course not. The Dominion turned on the Cardassians and leveled many of the worlds the Cardassians populate, including Lamenda. We are here to help them.” Fredricks said.

"What are our orders, Sir?" the Bolian asked a little impatiently. "Where do we begin?" It would have been nicer to settle in first, but as people's lives were possibly at stake, that would have to wait.

Bryce looked at the captain. "Some people may think that it's cosmic justice that the Dominion turned on the Cardassians, sir......that they got what they deserved."

“No one deserves to be brutally murdered and be reduced to living in squalor, Lieutenant.” Fredricks said looking at his new engineer. He then turned his attention to Lieutenant Vonn, “I’ll go through assignments in the mission briefing which is in 40 minutes.”

Bryce was going to counter with ~we've fought 3 wars with statistics say that there will be a 4th.~ but he kept silent.

"Aye Captain," Vonn stated in the hope of easing the unnecessary tension that the Chief Engineer had created. "Any chance we can be shown to our quarters before then? A nice sonic shower would do me a world of good and Gary here," he pointed to the seasloth hanging onto his shoulders. "...would like to have a little look around. He's extremely curious."

"Yes sir," Bryce chimed in, "I would also like to see my quarters. I have to make sure things are arranged properly."

"Aye, our job is to help those in need, whomever they might be regardless of whether or not we are at war with them," Aggie answered rather seriously. She understood his feelings but she could also see the other side. There were innocent people down there, ones that didn't fight in the war, ones that didn't ask for any of this to happen to them.

“Very well, go and get yourself settled and refreshed and we’ll see you in the briefing room in about 40 or so minutes.” Fredricks said with a smile.

“Thank you, Captain,” Chex said and he looked back to his seasloth Gary. “Let’s go find out where our quarters are located” he said to his pet as he took his leave from the transporter room.

"I must wait here a few minutes longer, my children are awaiting transport," Naois cut in, "but I too would like some time to settle."

Bryce left the transporter room, and before going any further, he opened his bag and allowed his ferret, Archer, to climb on his shoulders. He tapped a panel, "Computer, locate the quarters of Lieutenant Bryce Erickson."


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