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Arrival at Lamenda

Posted on Fri Sep 11th, 2020 @ 5:39am by Captain Lukas Fredricks & Lieutenant JG Lars Gunnarson & Lieutenant Commander Agatha Marion & Lieutenant Luci Dian & Lieutenant Amelix Milumad & Ensign Wintrow Paragon

Mission: Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 10th November, 2375 - 1530 Hours

Captain Fredricks stepped out of his ready room just as Britannic dropped out of warp. He headed towards the centre chair. “Report, Ensign?” He said as he sat down.

"Laying in course for low orbit sir," the young pilot answered, deftly adjusting speed and heading to safely enter orbit.

“Excellent. Lieutenant Gunnarson, any sign of Cardassian ships in the area?”

“Negative, sir. I am picking up a ship in high orbit of Lamenda III, it’s the Jenkins.” Gunnarson replied after a few moments.

“Open a channel to the Jenkins, Lieutenant Gunnarson.” Fredricks asked.

A few moments later the Jenkins commanding officer, a Tellerite, appeared on the viewscreen. “I’m Captain Tegrek bim Vuk, we’ve been expecting you.” He said in a grumpy tone.

“Captain Lukas Fredricks, my apologies, I didn’t realise we were late.” Lukas said with a small smile. “Have you had any contact with anyone from the planet?”

“No. We haven’t even been scanned. I’m not sure they have the capability. Look, I don’t have time to chit chat with you.” Vuk scoffed. ”I believe, your first officer, engineer and ops officer were reassigned or something. We have their replacements on board and ready to transport over to you.”

Fredricks frowned, “That’s news to me. I’ve had nothing from Starfleet to say I was getting new crew. Although, I welcome the extra sets of hands for this mission.”

”I don’t care whether you know about them or not my orders are to transport them over to you. Once that’s done, my crew can begin our mission of rebuilding this planet.” The Tellerite said with a grunt.

“Very well. Have them ready to transport once we’re within range.” Lukas replied. “Thank you for delivering them.”

Vuk snorted before cutting the comm off.

“Well, looks like we’re receiving some new crew.” Fredricks said with a smile.

"New crew?!" Amelix asked excitedly. "Is there going to be some more science officers?! I could always use some more people to help me conduct my experiments! I love new crewmembers!"

“I think you’re out of luck this time around, Lieutenant.” Fredricks said with a smile.

"AwwWWww!" Amelix pouted. "Well, I bet they will be lovely additions regardless! Who knows? Maybe I could still convince them to come and see science!"

Wintrow, fortunately with his back towards the larger area of the bridge, rolled his eyes at the science chief's reaction. "I'm sure any will visit at some point," he offered without looking up.

“You never know, that might like science as a hobby.” Lukas said with a smile.

Amelix turned to the ensign and exuded, "You clearly have not been exposed to science properly! Come on down to the lab and I will show you all the wonders that the universe holds! It will be fun!"

“Bridge to Doctor Marion, could you meet me in Transporter room 1, please? We have some new arrivals.” Fredricks said after activating the comm.

"Right away Captain," Agatha hit the combadge so that nothing else could be heard from her lips. "New peoples . . . . more paperwork. Not literal paper but still things to be filled out and filed." She realized she was talking to herself and picked up a PADD, heading for the door to read it as she went.

“The Bridge is you’re Lieutenant Dian.” Fredricks said as he stood up. “Try not to break her while I’m gone.”

"I'll be sure not to fly point her in the direction of anything pointy sir." Luci smiled albeit hiding behind it.

Her first time. She'd never been put in charge of the bridge before, and she didn't move seats. She was quite happy in her own for the time being.

Lukas couldn’t help but chuckle as he headed towards the turbolift.


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