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Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2020 @ 2:16pm by Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy & Lieutenant Chexor Vonn

Mission: Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Location: Starbase 12, U.S.S. Jenkins - Crew Mess
Timeline: A Week Ago, MD2 - 1300 Hours

One Week Ago on Starbase 12...

"I have some good news for you, Mister Vonn." A Human woman said as she circled the desk in the office. She had short, dark brown hair, was slender, and was wearing the current iteration of Starfleet uniform; all black, with grey shoulders, and a teal tunic underneath the jacket designating her as being either from the science or medical divisions. In this instance she was from medical; counseling to be more precise. The woman pulled out her chair and sat in it, then faced the Bolian man across from her.

"And what would that be, Counselor Greaves?" Lieutenant Chexor Vonn wondered sarcastically. He didn't dislike Marilyn. She was only doing her job, after all. It was just... these sessions were quite repetitive. Chex understood why he needed to be here but now that the Dominion War was over, there was no reason to keep him locked up here on Starbase 12 like some kind of... nutcase.

"Here, have a read," Greaves suggested. She handed her patient a PADD. Written on it was Chexor's dispensation documents. Starfleet had finally deemed him fit to return to duty.

The Bolian's eyes grew wide in surprise. "I've been assigned to the U.S.S. Britannic?" Chex stood up and pumped his right fist into the air. "Freedom at last!!" he exclaimed before pointedly saying, "I knew you couldn't keep me here forever."

Marilyn shook her head lightly but she was forced to smile at the man she'd come to know over the last few months. "You've made a lot of progress and I think you're ready to get back out there. That doesn't mean that you won't find it difficult from time to time but I believe that you're well equipped to handle whatever comes your way," the Counselor told him. "Plus, you do have Gary to keep you company."

Chex quickly dismissed Marilyn's last comment with a wave of his hand. "Gary!? Oh, he won't be happy with this at all. You know, he was just starting to get friendly with the neighbour's dog? Blasted sloth has the hormones of a Deltan child."

"I'm sure that he'll be okay," Greaves said. She then stood up and offered her hand to him. "In any case, I don't think we'll be seeing each other again. At least, not for some time. Although if you ever do end up this way, please stop by to say hello."

At first, Chex considered taking the woman's hand, but he didn't really feel as if that was enough to thank Marilyn for all that she'd done to help him. "I will," he finally agreed. Chex moved to her side of the desk and embraced her in his arms. "Thank you for everything," he whispered. As quickly as he held her, the Bolian let go and departed from the room.

The lieutenant had a transport to catch and a seasloth to subdue before the night was out.

The Present...

The U.S.S. Jenkins was well under way on its voyage to Lamenda III. It was there, that Lieutenant Vonn (among others) would be disembarking to join their new crew aboard the Britannic. In the meantime, Chex was hungry and as his pet seasloth Gary was sleeping due to all the excitement surrounding the move, now was the best time to get out and grab something to eat.

The Bolian set off from his temporary quarters and made his way to the Jenkins' mess hall. It was much more occupied than he believed it would be. Evidently a good number of people were transferring to the Britannic. It made Chex wonder why the ship departed Deep Space Nine before it was fully staffed. Perhaps their mission was much more important than he was being led to believe.

Shifting that thought to the side for now, Chex joined the line that had formed for the sole replicator in the room. With how slowly it was moving, he was going to have more than enough time to consider his options: soup or salad? When it finally came time for him to order, the Bolian opted for the tomato soup, along with chunk of bread. Once the items materialized in the replicator, he took his tray to one of the nearby empty tables. He was about to begin eating but someone appeared at his table-side.

"Is this seat taken?" The gentle voice belonged to a blonde and blue-eyed Vulcan in teal uniform who stood beside one of the few vacant seats in the room. he held a single plate and a mug that contained some steaming liquid that couldn't be seen from the Bolian's angle. "You are headed to the Britannic, are you not?" the Vulcan continued, taking the seat anyway.

"Aren’t we all?" Vonn retorted with. As far as he was aware, it was the Jenkins’ most immediate destination. "Please join me, Commander?..."

"Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy," he went on introducing himself, then smiled ever so slightly. "In the wrong uniform yes, but I see no reason to change just yet, do you?"

The Lieutenant simply shrugged and pointed to the other man’s uniform with his spoon. "Before you’d mentioned it I wouldn’t have known. I’m Lieutenant Chexor Vonn. Or 'Chex' for short. It’s what people usually refer to me as."

"And what would you prefer to be referred to as?" the Vulcan answered, arching an eyebrow at him.

"Chex is fine," he answered. He then ate a spoonful of his soup. It was a little bland for his taste but that wasn’t unexpected. The replicator evidently wasn’t set up for proper Bolian cuisine. He again pointed to the Commander’s uniform. "If you’re not supposed to be in teal, then what department are you in now?" He wondered.

"Command." Naois sipped his drink. "Apparently the war has left the fleet short on command personnel so I am reassigned to be first officer. I suppose there is an abundance on healers and counselors or I would not be reassigned." The Vulcan shrugged. "I go where I am needed, as long as I can take my family with me. Do you have a family, lieutenant?"

"Not with me," Chex answered flatly. "My brother is on the Cordas and my parents... well last I heard they were still on Starbase 12." It was evident from the way that he spoke that he didn’t keep in touch with his mother and father. "I do have Gary," Chex revealed, his face lighting up at the mere mention of the name. "He’s my pet seasloth."

The Vulcan couldn't help but blink. "A pet what?" He asked. "I have three children, two boys and one girl. Tell me more about your pet?" He couldn't help it...once a counselor, always a counselor.

Chex nodded at the mention of the man’s children, but he chose not to comment on it. Instead, he did his best to answer Mercy’s questions. "As I said, he’s a seasloth, native to the Lirathanan Ocean on Bolarus." He spooned some more soup into his mouth and swallowed before continuing. "Gary’s quite lazy. Really, he’s not all that exciting although he does like to go for a swim every now and then. Do you happen to know if the Britannic has any aquarium-like facilities? I know that Galaxy-classes usually do and as the Nebula's design is loosely based off of it...”

"If there is an arboretum there is likely to be a pond," Naois mused, "otherwise perhaps engineering can fit an aquarium in your quarters?"

"I suppose that we'll have to wait and see," the Bolian proposed before changing subjects. "You said that you had three children. Are they here with you?"

"Affirmative. They are in our assigned quarters, quite probably. My sons are seven years old, my daughter is four." Proudly he produced a PADD showing a dark eyes dark haired Human looking boy, a dark haired Vulcanoid boy and a blonde human looking girl. "Revan, Delon and Laura," he said, pointing at each child in turn.

Chex nodded with understanding. He examined the children’s features before looking up at the man across the table from him. “Vulcan and Human genetics?” He guessed. Really, it could have been any combination, but Chex supposed that was a... logical place to start.

"Laura is Human," Naois confirmed, "Delon is Romulan and Revan is Betazoid. My wife was Betazoid, we adopted them because we could not have any of our own." And yet it was clear that he was proud of them, even if they weren't of his blood.

"A dynamic group of individuals," the Lieutenant stated. "I imagine that you must have had some memorable family gatherings over the years."

"I do not understand," the former counselor queried, "what kind of gatherings? I have not seen my parents in quite some time. My children have no other family, or I would not have been able to adopt them."

“I didn’t know that. About your parents, I mean.” They had just met after all. “Still, it must be a challenge to raise three children who are from three very different species. A Human, a Romulan and a Betazoid... it almost sounds like the beginnings of a joke.” Chex laughed lightly and ate some more of his soup.

Naois was familiar with the kind of jokes he was referring to, but didn't find the context any amusing. "I do try to give them something from each of their heritages," he acknowledged, "as well as my own. I suppose it helps that my father is Human, but as to Betazoid and Romulan I am reliant on the help of others. Fortunately I have my godfather, who is Romulan but even their contact is sparse." He paused, nodding towards the eating Bolian. "How is your soup?"

"Adequate," Chex simply replied as he finished his meal. Really, it left much to be desired. He placed his spoon inside the bowl then pushed the tray away from himself. "I know a little of the Romulan language," he revealed. "Mostly through hearsay... jolan tru!" Chex called dramatically with his arm extended out in front of him.

The Vulcan chuckled at the flair of drama. "Perhaps I will send my son to spend some time with you," he suggested, "assuming you are willing."

"Of course!" Chex agreed, but there was a bit of hesitation in his voice. "Although I do wonder about your expectations on such a meeting." The two had just met and the Bolian wasn’t certain he wanted to take on child sitting responsibilities.

"My expectation would be that you would teach my child," the Vulcan answered simply, "this would be an educational exercise, not a fun one."

"Couldn't it be both?" the Bolian said with a shrug. "I don't want to bore him to death."

"Oh, Delon is not that easily bored," Naois chuckled, "yes fun and educational is acceptable. But he has to pay attention."

"You should know that I've spent the last few months being psychologically evaluated at Starbase 12. They thought I was crazy!" Chex exclaimed. "Well, the joke was on them!" He put both his hands palm down on the table. "Seriously though... I'm willing to share with your son what I know, but as I said.. it's not much. I don't think it's my place to inform him on the finer details of jol."

"The finer details of what?" Blue eyes settled on the man. "Am I missing something?"

"Uh.... nope. Nothing at all." The Bolian then looked to his wrist as if he was wearing a chronometer (even though he very clearly wasn't). "Well would you look at the time... I should go and check on Gary. He is prone to sleep-walking when he's aboard an unfamiliar starship." Chex grabbed his tray and stood up. "It was nice to meet you, Commander. I'm certain that we'll bump into each other again before the day is out." He nodded once before taking his leave. The less Commander Mercy knew about what he knew of the Romulan language, the better.

Surprise flickered across the Vulcans fac as the Bolian abruptly left, then quietly shook his head. "Odd..." he murmured as he set to finishing his meal.


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