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Posted on Thu Aug 27th, 2020 @ 8:55pm by Commander Robert Stephenson & Lieutenant Ruxandra Mocanu

Mission: Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Timeline: After "A Stern Test"

It came as a great surprise to Robert to have been offered command of the USS Victoria. He had discussed the offer with Genevieve and his Commanding Officer - and with the Victoria facing a much less dangerous assignment Robert had decided to accept the offer. His close friend Ruxandra along with her partner had both decided to make the move back to the ship they'd transferred from.

With Robert ensuring that his office was empty he made his way back to his quarters for what would be the last time - making sure that everything was packed there as well. He was sad to be leaving but Robert wanted to do what was best for his family. As the doors hissed open he found everything was boxed up into crates by the door.

"Is that everything?" Robert asked.

Genevieve nodded. "Yeah. My stuff is here too so we can just take it all down together"

"Great. I'll go and get Annabel and Victoria then we can make a move - the Victoria should be rendezvousing with us in due course" Robert responded.

Ruxandra and Lena had barely had a chance to unpack so packing for the move back to the Victoria didn't take them very long at all. The Romanian was reluctant to up sticks again but as after some thought had decided to accept Robert's offer and put in a transfer request after discussing it with Lena.

" we go" Ruxandra said.

Lena smiled. "Ready when you are"

Rux nodded and started pushing the trolley upon which their belongings had been placed. She was sad to be leaving the Britannic behind but the opportunity to serve under Robert's command was one that she was looking forward to very much.

With the rendezvous between the Britannic and Victoria happening as planned Ruxandra and Lena stepped onto the transporter pad with their belongings.

"See you over there...Captain" Ruxandra said.

Robert smiled. "You will indeed"

A couple of moments later Ruxandra, Lena and their belongings disappeared from the transporter pad. Once it was clear Robert and Genevieve placed all of their belongings onto the transporter pad before stepping onto it with Annabel and Victoria.

"Take care Chief" Robert said.

The transporter chief nodded and then transported the Stephensons and Genevieve over to the Victoria. Moments later they rematerialised on the Victoria - ready to begin their new chapter as the Victoria and Britannic parted ways.

Live Long And Prosper Britannic


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