Mission 1: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

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The Britannic is ordered to the Lamenda System, inside Cardassia space. The inhabitants of Lamenda Prime had all of their infrastructure destroyed by the Dominion. Government buildings, hospitals, schools and any source of producing their own food.

The Federation is sending aid to the system to help support the locals, however, disease and famine are rife on the planet. The Britannic’s medical pod will serve as a temporary hospital for the planet, while they also set up aid stations in the various towns and cities on the planet.

However, when patients start dying without any explanation, an investigation will begin. Is there an undetectable virus going around or does someone still hold a grudge against the Cardassians…

Mission 2: Pied Piper

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As per the peace treaty, Dominion prisoners of war need to be returned back to the Dominion. The Cardassian PoWs have already been returned as have the allied prisoners, now it’s time for the Dominion troops to return to the Gamma quadrant.

The Britannic loads in the prison pod and transports the 4,500 dominion prisoners ready for the long journey to the Gamma quadrant.

What could go wrong…

Mission 3:

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During the Dominion War, Breen forces used Camor V as a testing ground for some experimental weaponry. Once the war finished and the Breen sealed their borders the Federation set aid to the small colony of Vulcan monks who resided there. After several failed attempts to repair the atmosphere the planet was classed unsafe for long term colonisation so the habitation pod was installed on the Britannic and they ordered to go and pick up the 2,500 Vulcan monks and return them to Vulcan.

Prelude: Coming Together

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The USS Britannic is currently undergoing a minor refit after the Dominion war ended. Her battle damage is finally getting some proper attention and her Tactical pod is being replaced with a Medical pod.

While the final parts of the refit are being completed Captain Lukas Fredricks begins welcoming his new crew aboard!