Lieutenant Luci Dian

Name Luci Dian

Position Chief Counselor

Second Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species El Aurian
Date of Birth 24/03/2250
Age 125
Place of Birth Port Igni, El-Auria

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Blonde, dyes in Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Has a slim build and petite frame. Natural blonde but dyes her hair brown from time to time.


Father Antho Hopki, Chairman of El Aurian Grand Council
Mother Barnu Dian (Deceased)
Brother(s) Lt. General Glas Dian (152) - Member of Marine Command, Earth
Cmdr. Lynd Dian (140) - Wing Commander, USS Torchbearer
Sister(s) Jeni Dian (122) - Freighter Captain, SS Port Igni
Other Family Samsu Dian - Sister-in-law (Lynd)
McCona Dian - Nephew (Lynd)
Seren Dian - Niece (Lynd)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A shy woman as her past has dictated who she has turned into from a young age, to a point. At 125 she is still young in terms of El-Aurian growth so still in many ways acts as such.
Strengths & Weaknesses Has an affinity with medicine, something that has helped in her role as a part-time 'fixer'.
Eidetic memory.

Can be nervous around large groups.
Speaks her mind in situations she feels need them.
Ambitions To save lives when she can and help those in need from any harm.

Personal History Luci, was born in Port Igni on El-Auria. Her father was a mystery to her, as she was born out of wedlock. Her mother was a teacher at a local primary school, in fact she taught Luci, in the centre of Port Igni. She had three older siblings Glas, Lynd and Jeni who she loved dearly and grew up quite closely together around the town getting up to all sorts.

Primary school education lasted until they were 16 as per standard El-Aurian law, as they lived a long life span is was deemed that there was no rush in getting those out of education and in to work. During primary school she learned all the basics you'd expect: writing, reading, numbers and some languages. On top of that there was science based subjects and social understanding/reasoning. Luci excelled in all subjects as it was discovered that she had a memory recall that most didn't and in fact could remember every detail about any day she was asked about, let alone any subject matter she had read. Luci took to the medical science subjects, they were what she felt her heart was set on and she liked working with people and helping them overcome both physical and mental problems they may have.

Upon her graduation from primary school she had the choice to join specialised academies for a number of related subjects, she chose The El-Aurian Medical Academy.

Sixteen years into her studies at the EMA the mass evacuation of her planet occurred due to Borg invasion, thankfully at the time she had completed her physician training and had been granted authorisation to begin practice. That was the last time she saw her world, from a small window on an evacuation shuttle as she was pilled on to a ship in orbit. Fortunately she was assigned to the ship her family was on and they fled their solar system, and quadrant.

As they reached the Alpha quadrant, limping all the way it seemed, they were attacked by Orion Syndicate pirates and the ship was heavily damaged. During the battle her mother was killed and she was knocked unconscious from a torpedo hit to the hull that made her lose her balance. This was not before her mother confessed that she was the illegitimate daughter of the chairman of the Grand Council, Antho Hopki.

When she awoke she was in chains, hooked up to a wall and was full of confusion. She tried to speak but as she did so a burning sensation filled her head; they'd installed a shock collar. She, along with others, had been captured by the Orion Syndicate and were being taken to a slavers auction to be sold.

During their 'trip' she was put to work and it was noticed that she had a skill in medicine and as such would be used to 'heal' those within the Syndicate. As such she wasn't beaten as much as the others but still received her fair share. For a young woman of 43 it would scar her for some time to come.

Upon reaching the slavers market/auction she was listed highly as being 'gifted' or useful for more than a sex slave. However that didn't seem to matter to her future owner who bought her for a large sum and took her back to his brothel for use there. Due to her youthful appearance she was popular, and remained so for over 35 years until she was 'liberated' by other faction members who had a feud with her old master.

During her 'tenure' within the brothel she was used in the disposal of several clients that her master wanted to disappear. Over the years she picked up ways of killing people subtly, how to move in crowds and appear to move with the grace of a spirit.

However, she was able to slip away during the battle for power and made her way across systems until being picked up by a Human freighter bound for Earth.

At the age of 67 her life began anew and she attempted to put the past behind her and continued her medicine training, branching into psychiatry and enrolled within Starfleet a number of years later in 2325.

During her years in the fleet Luci spent her time as a Medical Officer, Assistant CMO, CMO, Chief of Surgery and that's just the physical side of her training. During those years she also spent honing her counselling skills, aiding those heal mental wounds after events such as Wolf 359, and now the Dominion War.

There are several noted LOA's in her file. These oddly coincide with the deaths of dignitaries, criminals and other unresolved accidental deaths.

After the war she joined the USS Britannic as it's Chief Counsellor. For now she was hanging up her smiley face.

*Assassin/Vigilante History*

Named The Good Samaritan - All credited kills, or accidents, upon investigation have found the victims to be involved in criminal activities. For example, an ambassador taking bribes to look the other way in specific circumstances. Leaves a card depicting a yellow smiley face.

2328 - Information received about Professor involved in illicit endeavours with young students. Story went that they would excel in his class but ultimately go missing. No proof found during investigations. Luci hears this whilst at the Academy and decides to take action. She investigates herself, poses as one of his students and over several months finds evidence linking him to the deaths of 6 students, his keepsakes and a journal locked in a secure unit in his office.

Professor Henry Stal confirmed dead September 2328 - Head injury due to slip in office, evidence linking him to missing girls found on computer left open at time. Justice done, peace for families.

2333 - Rumours of Ambassador Soval, a Vulcan diplomat linked with the selling of priceless artefacts to highest bidder. Story went that precious artefacts went missing from monasteries, museums etc, places that the Ambassador frequented. Shuttle explosion orbiting Vulcan moon - Smiley face card found in debris and proof found in data recorder indicating cash deposits, withdrawals and information regarding sale of said items to others.

Ambassador Soval confirmed dead April 2333. Artefacts found and returned to places of residence.

2337 - Orion Warlord, one of those she knew from her past. He had went into hiding and Luci found him.

Warlord Gru found dead January 2337 - floating in space with smiley face card in pocket. Resulted in release of slaves from nearby world.

2345 - Lestran, Nausican drug lord. Began pushing his drugs through quadrant. Luci contacted through secure line now nicknamed 'The Samaritan Line' (SNL) to take care of problem.

Lestran confirmed dead July 2345. Drug overdose. Smiley card left next to supply.

2352 - Ferengi Merchant Den. Contacted through SNL with rumour of him poisoning colony water supply in order for him to provide medical supplies. Snuck onboard ship and found poison being used and evidence of drop sites, information regarding contracts with colony for medicinal supplies provided by him and messages pleading for cheaper supplies as they were struggling.

Den, and crew, confirmed dead March 2352. Poison gas release on vessel. Smiley face card left on Captain's chair. Colony slowly returns to good health and information regarding poisoning relayed to them.

2359 - Con Artist Dea Win, El Aurian. Sets up advice centre and steals clients ideas as they feel 'chatty' due to El Aurian hormone release. Becomes incredibly wealthy and acts with total disregard for law, bribing officials and law and getting away with it.

Luci gets close to him as a fellow listener and he falls for her youth and convincing behaviour. Collates data, proof of idea theft as Win recorded interviews with clients, as well as hacked data on dealings with nefarious types.

Evidence copied and sent to authorities. Luci incapacitates Dea and leaves him for pick up. Smiley face drawn on Win's building. Luci also redistributes wealth to various charities.

Dea trialled and convicted November 2359.

2363 - Bar Owner - No data available.

Found dead in store room February 2363. Knife with smiley face found in forehead. Reasons unknown.

2368 - Kestra L'ew. Betazoid female whom warps the minds of individuals for pleasure.

L'ew found dead on balcony of beach house on Betazed. Empty glass with smiley face found next to body.

2372 - Gul Pren, Cardassian vessel Lenora. Planned attacked to ignite The Badlands with unknown device to kill off Maquis resistance. Luci intercepts encrypted messages confirming assembly of weapon, also confirms with capture of crewmember and 'persuasive' measures.

Gul Pren lives but disappears after information becomes public knowledge. Condemned by Cardassian Union, Federation and all powers.
Service Record 2325 -> 2329 - Cadet -> Senior Cadet, Starfleet Academy
-> 2331 - Medical Student, Starfleet Medical (due to medical training skipped a number of years)
2331 -> 2342 - Medical Officer, USS Tampa Bay
2342 -> 2346 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Churchill
2346 -> 2347 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Federation Outpost, Setlik III. Transferred after Setlik III massacre.
2348 -> 2355 - Chief Medical Officer, USS Victory
2355 -> 2363 - Chief Counsellor, Starfleet Medical
2363 -> 2368 - Chief of Surgery, Starfleet Medical. Later demoted due to altercation with Orion dignitary.
2368 -> 2370 - Counsellor, Starbase One
2370 -> 2375 - Chief Counsellor/Relief Medical Officer, USS Freud (Medical Vessel)
2375 -> PRES - Chief Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer, USS Britannic