Lieutenant Bryce Erickson

Name Bryce Erickson

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25
Place of Birth San Fraancisco, California
Languages Mutliple

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 187 pounds
Physical Description Bryce is immensely curious about the functional world. He is constantly absorbing new information and formulating innovative ideas to create new solutions of significance. His short lifetime of experience tinkering and enhancing has encourages him to think beyond the technical manuals and specifications, treating them as safety guidelines.
A majority of his personal time is devoted to the abstract and theoretical, delegating mundane maintenance and details to subordinates.
Byrce can be laid-back and charming, and easy to get along with. He is included in many social circles, with a small group of close knit friends which understand and accept his anxieties concerning his disabilities, and his communicative style and personality.


Father Dr Lex Erickson - Theoricial Physicist
Mother Dr Mona Peters Erickson - Theoricial Physicist

Personality & Traits

General Overview An affable and outgoing young man, Bryce easily makes friends wherever he goes. He's straight forward, honest and mechanically inclined, which sometimes steals the focus from people as he personalizes each mahine or vechile he's ever worked on.
Strengths & Weaknesses Brave, considerate and generous, Bryce did well at Starfleet Academy.
He can sometimes be a bit short-tempered on certain subjects and enjoys a lively debate or two, but he also understands the fine line between disagreement and coming to blows.
Ambitions CEO is his next step on his journey to R&D and working on the next generation of Warp Drive.
Hobbies & Interests Warp drive mechanics, internal combustion engines, basically the ins and outs of making things go. On the ground, underwater, in the air...mechanical tinkerer and enjoyer of all things that move or carry people or things.

Reading technical manuals, writing them as well to improve or even tweak existing systems for improvements

Personal History Bryce was born 2 weeks premature, and due to a unforseen genetic problem, Bryce was born deaf in both ears, and mute, his voice box never developed properly.
At 3 months, surgeons implanted artifical ear drums which allowed Bryce to hear. These ear drums, were designed by his parents and allow him to adjust the volumn of what he can hear.
At 2 years old, surgeons implanted A voice prosthesisan, an artificial device, which along with therapy, allowed Bryce to speak.
These devices, the artifical ear drums, can translate any language so he can understand it, the prosthesisan allows him to speak any language.

Sadly, Bryce suffered long bouts of depression and anxiety because of his disabilities. As he grew older, he learned to control his anxiety with mediation, medication and a therapy companion, usually an animal.

Bryce was mostly home schooled and enjoyed learning whatever he could on a variety of subjects.

He did attend in class learning as he grew into his teens.

He found that he most enjoyed getting his hands on machines, so he decided he wanted to join Star Fleet as an engineer.
Service Record Before being allowed to enter the acadmey, Bryce had to undergo various physical and mental evaulations, which he passed.
He also had to be granted permission to keep his companion animal, a ferret named "Archer", in his quarters.

In the Academy, his studies included Starship Engineering; Warp Engineering, and Basic Warp Design.
For his minor studies, he selected navigation, studyling Basic Navigation.

As part of his training, he worked in the engine room of the Academy's training starship, getting real on-hands training.

- Entered the Academy at 18.
- Academy.
- Graduated from the Academy. - Assigned to the USS Venture, rank ensign, engineering officer.
- Received commendation for excellence in his duties.
- Transferred to the USS Potemkin, as junior engineering officer, rank Lieutenant JG.
- Transferred to USS Britannic as chief engineer, rank Lieutenant.